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Oaxacan me crazy: Guelaguetza

I’ve been into Oaxacan Mexican food lately, so when I was invited to dinner at Guelaguetza with owner Bricia Lopez, who also owns the uber-tasty Cemitas y Clayudas Pal Cabron, I jumped at the chance. I had been to Guelaguetza once before, and mostly what I remembered was the awesome band that played that night in the restaurant. So I was glad to have someone who knew her way around the menu to guide me through dinner.

Oaxacan-style Mexican food is different from the kind of Mexican food most people are used to, i.e., tacos and burritos served with salsa and refried beans. Oaxacan food is all about the mole, that thick sauce made from chilis, bread, chocolate and all kinds of other good stuff, and Guelaguetza serves all kinds. My favorite was a lighter one made with almonds (sorry, didn’t catch the name).

There are three locations of the restaurant, the original on 8th Street in Koreatown, one on Olympic Boulevard also in K-Town and one in Lynwood. We ate at the one on Olympic, which is a large space complete with larder area up front, a fountain in the middle and two areas for live music. Your meals here start with an appetizer of tortilla chips topped with mole and queso fresco.

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05 2010

Happiness on a bun: Pal Cabron

Pal Cabron‘s cemitas poblana just may be my new favorite sandwich. I had the pork cemita, which is a hearty sandwich made with a thin, breaded piece of pork, thinly sliced head cheese, avocado, onions, Oaxacan string cheese, another cheese called queso panela, chipotle and an herb called papalo, all on an egg roll that was obviously designed to hold up to the mountain of ingredients in this sandwich. The chipotle might be a tad spicy for some, and it was for me, though I thoroughly enjoyed the fire in my mouth.

Pork cemita

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04 2010