Happiness on a bun: Pal Cabron

Pal Cabron‘s cemitas poblana just may be my new favorite sandwich. I had the pork cemita, which is a hearty sandwich made with a thin, breaded piece of pork, thinly sliced head cheese, avocado, onions, Oaxacan string cheese, another cheese called queso panela, chipotle and an herb called papalo, all on an egg roll that was obviously designed to hold up to the mountain of ingredients in this sandwich. The chipotle might be a tad spicy for some, and it was for me, though I thoroughly enjoyed the fire in my mouth.

Pork cemita

I also sampled the clayuda, a Mexican pizza of sorts made by smearing lardy black beans on a tostada, then topping that with Oaxacan string cheese, queso fresco and big pieces of pork and beef. The meat wasn’t cut up at all, so it’s kind of hard to eat. I preferred the cemita.


I had a horchata drink made with horchata rice milk, cactus (tuna) syrup, pieces of cantaloupe and pecans. It may sound strange, but it was actually very refreshing amid the spice of the food. I would definitely go back to Huntington Park’s Pal Cabron, which, not-so-incidentally, is owned by the same people who own the Oaxacan food chain Guelaguetza, for a cemita and to try one of their beer cocktails (micheladas).

Horchata. From Glutster.

Thanks to Sam Kim of LAist for sharing his Pal Cabron gift certificates with me!

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    I feel like the only blogger who hasn’t been! I weep.

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    I love Pal Cabron, and those siblings.
    Glad to see you guys put those gift certificates to good use and enjoyed it! ­čÖé


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