A “Wayward” way to enjoy travel writing

Tom GatesWayward: Fetching Tales From a Year on the Road, a collection of travel stories from a music manager-turned-travel writer, is an enjoyable read full of quirky tales of the music business, travel triumphs and mishaps, and musings on all of these things. The vignettes are a little disjointed when strung together, but that’s because many of the stories were originally posts on Matador Network, an online travel magazine. The short stories actually make for a good read while on vacation, when you might just want something short, sweet and to-the-point, all the while being entertained by Gates’ awe at a fancy hotel room, horror at witnessing a child’s death, fascination with new cultures and disgust with himself after trying dog meat. Gates’ writing is funny and clever, to boot; let’s hope there’s more where that came from.

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