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Nick's Coffee Shop. From

Nick's Coffee Shop. From

Los Angeles magazine‘s May cover story “101 Cheap Eats” totally skipped over my personal favorite, Nick’s Coffee Shop, on Pico Boulevard just west of La Cienega. Huge portions, low prices, good service. There’s also S&W Country Diner in Culver City (yummy breakfast), King Taco (super cheap) and Don Antonio’s in West L.A. on Wednesday nights, when all tacos are just $1 (I know, Speidi’s appearances here on “The Hills” are annoying and the crowds on Wednesdays are thick, but the potato tacos are totally worth it).

By the way, what’s up with L.A. mag’s obsession with Langer’s deli in MacArthur Park? It makes all their food lists. I mean, it’s good, but when I interned there in 2006 and the mag sent me out there for a story, someone standing outside (not a restaurant employee) tried to sell me cocaine. I wasn’t scared, but it was definitely an experience and not exactly a selling point for the neighborhood or the restaurant.

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