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Lots of style, little substance: First and Hope

First & Hope, the gorgeous supper club in the not-so-gorgeous strip mall at the corner of 1st and Hope streets (clever, huh?) in downtown Los Angeles, certainly has lots of style. From the mood-changing lighting in the sleek dining room to the servers outfitted by “Mad Men” assistant costume designer Allison Leach, the restaurant screams class. I just wish the food spoke as loudly to me — in a good way.

I had visited First & Hope once before during its preview night when the atmosphere was close to mayhem. It was very crowded, and while the servers did their best, it was hard to get a good idea of what the food and drink should have been like.

So when presented with an invitation to have dinner at the restaurant under normal circumstances, I decided I would give the place another chance. I would have a proper meal and make a better-informed decision about First & Hope’s merits.

And I’ve made my decision: I would only come back here for one, maybe two, dishes.

You see, the menu sounds good; it reads like a food blogger’s wet dream, with foie gras, bacon and pork rinds littered all over its comfort food-centric offerings. But First & Hope leaves much to be desired in execution.

First, the cocktails. Nearly every one contains some kind of bubbly, no doubt an homage to the vintage style. I get it, but I thought the drinks were just OK, which was pretty much my summation after the preview party, too. I had an Elle for Leather, made with Famous Grouse scotch, vanilla syrup, “a touch of effervescence” and garnished with a vanilla pod. It smelled amazing due to the vanilla pod but tasted light on the scotch.

Elle for Leather. There's a blue tint because of the mood lighting.

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06 2010

Travelogue: Midtown Atlanta Part 2

This is the eating part of my trip to Atlanta. Read about the sleeping, or hotel review, part of my trip, too.

While I got to try only two restaurants while in Atlanta, I was impressed with the quality of the food I had. One of the eateries was Apres Diem, which is located in a strip mall along with a Trader Joe’s and a Landmark Cinema (which was where the Atlanta Film Festival was held). I had the veggie melt with sauteed red peppers, yellow squash, portobello mushrooms, red onion, provolone cheese, avocado and h honey dijon mustard on a crusty baguette ($8.95). Maybe it was because I was famished having just gotten off an airplane, but this sandwich was pretty darn satisfying.

Veggie melt

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05 2010