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Pinkberry introduces Greek yogurt, new flavor combinations

Pinkberrygreek cucumber combo

Pinkberrygreek cucumber, sunflower cracker, olive oil and chili combo

Pinkberry, the company that re-introduced frozen yogurt to the masses in 2005, is upping its game by offering a slew of interesting combinations featuring Greek yogurt. No, it’s not frozen, and yes, Greek yogurt is everywhere these days, but Pinkberry’s truly is in a league of its own.

Dubbed Pinkberrygreek, this version is creamier, smoother and less tart than some of the other products out there, including Chobani and Fage, both of which I eat on a regular basis (I did a side-by-side taste test, too). While the vanilla flavor is a bit too sweet for me, the plain is quickly becoming my new favorite Greek yogurt. What’s also attractive is the fact that the yogurt comes from one farm, Fair Oaks in Indiana, and every batch traceable back to specific herds.

There are a couple of topping combinations for the Pinkberrygreek that I really like. The first one is sweet, with raspberries, blueberries, chocolate granola and cinnamon-infused honey. This special honey, a punched-up version of the already interesting sage blossom honey used in all Pinkberry stores, is what makes this flavor combination. The second topping recipe is savory, one that’s really unique. The cucumber, sunflower seed cracker, olive oil and chili powder combo (pictured above) sounded strange at first, but it totally works and would make a great afternoon snack.

Pinkberrygreek berry, chocolate granola and cinnamon honey combo

Pinkberrygreek berry, chocolate granola and cinnamon honey combo

Pinkberry is also going to start offering power bowls with acai, quinoa and oatmeal. My favorite recipe is, once again, a savory one, with Greek yogurt, quinoa, sesame crackers, oranges, pumpkin seeds and agave. The sweet and salty combo is the best of both worlds, and you get lots of protein to boot.

Pinkberrygreek power bowl with quinoa, sesame cracker, pumpkin seeds, oranges and agave combo

Pinkberrygreek power bowl with quinoa, sesame cracker, pumpkin seeds, oranges and agave combo

If you want to try some of these new flavor combinations but can’t find them in your local store, head over to the Brentwood location where all the new stuff is first introduced.

Note: This tasting was hosted.


08 2013

Bottoms Up at Mohawk Bend

Mohawk Bend, Echo Park’s new restaurant in a converted movie theater with an impressive 72 beer taps, is a great place for a drink and light meal. Appetizers and salads, as well as a nicely curated beer list, are the stars here, and the atmosphere is lively if a bit crowded. But where Mohawk Bend excels, it overreaches in other areas, especially when it comes to burgers and pizza.

Mohawk Bend

Dining room at Mohawk Bend

Mohawk Bend

...and behind the curtains, the back room

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09 2011

Fresh eats in West Hollywood: Fresheast

Lanterns light up the tables at Fresheast

Fresheast in West Hollywood is a newish fast-casual concept featuring a healthful pan-Asian menu. Located in a Pavilions shopping center – which means free parking, a rarity in WeHo – Fresheast offers dishes with Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai and Indian elements, but with a decidedly L.A. flair (quinoa, anyone?).

We were recently invited to sample Fresheast’s dinner menu conceived by Executive Chef Jonathan Schwichtenberg. We appreciated the many options – you can choose from white or brown rice, baby greens or the fluffiest quinoa ever made to go with your proteins, which include the common chicken and beef to the less-common lamb, paneer cheese and tofu.

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02 2011

M Cafe 5th anniversary deals

Grilled tuna burger

M Cafe de Chaya, the macrobiotic mini chain that’s part of the Chaya Restaurant Group, is celebrating its 5th anniversary this month with different $5 specials each week at all three of its locations.

Week of June 7 — Falafel Wrap & M Chopped Salad (Grab & Go only)
Week of June 14 — 2 Salad Combo & Tofu Bento (Grab & Go only)
Week of June 21 — Breakfast Enchilada (breakfast hours only) and Double Chocolate Fudge Cake

What’s macrobiotic food? It’s food made from minimally processed, natural whole foods that are in-season. Fish is OK, but not poultry, red meat, eggs or dairy. I’ve been to M Cafe a few times, and it’s actually pretty tasty, despite its nearly vegan-like description. I have a few recommendations, none of which are part of the $5 specials. But no matter — you can always go back, and for certain items, it would be worth it.

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