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What’s in store at Nordstrom Rack

Escada has its own sizing system?

Escada has its own sizing system?

Have you been to the new Nordstrom Rack at Beverly Connection yet? I finally made it over there last weekend — sad, because it’s so close to my place — and took some notes so you’ll know what to expect. (Blackburn and Sweetzer was, of course, on top of things at the grand opening and offered an early look at what the store has to offer.) This could be a good place to find a holiday party dress or gift, though right now the store is still stocking a lot of left over warm-weather clothes. But this is Los Angeles, where we can and do wear out-of-season clothes all the time — because we can, practically and stylistically — so get your discounted-designer-goods shopping on!

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11 2009

New Nordstrom Racks

From SteveMcN (Flickr).

From SteveMcN (Flickr).

Here’s a partial list of upcoming Nordstrom Rack stores (full list at Nordstrom’s Web site):

  • Los Angeles, CA – Beverly Connection – Opening Date: September 24, 2009
  • Pasadena, CA – Hastings Village – Opening Date: October 8, 2009
  • San Jose, CA – Westfield Oakridge – Opening Date: October 15, 2009
  • Lakewood, CA – Lakewood Center – Opening Date: Fall 2010

Apparently Fashion Island in Newport Beach is getting a regular Nordstrom store (opening date: April 16, 2010), as is Santa Monica Place, whose re-opening date has yet again been pushed back (to Aug. 27, 2010). More on that at RackedLA.

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05 2009