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Holiday gift guide for foodies

Still working your way through that holiday gift list? If you’re shopping for someone who likes food more than your average Joe, then check out these goodies in this holiday gift guide for foodies.

Pretzel necklace from Food52

Pretzel necklace

Pretzel necklace

Food52 also carries necklaces with pendants shaped like whisks, rotelle pasta, crawfish claws and more. All are adorable. All should be on holiday gift guides. Because food jewelry.

The Chef Says book

The Chef Says

The Chef Says

Chock full of funny and insightful quotes, The Chef Says makes a nice gift for that person who is really into what his or her favorite chef may have to say, even when not in the kitchen.

Clean Plates book

Clean Plates

Clean Plates

For the healthful eater, there are the Clean Plates books, which bills itself as “Zagat with a healthy twist.” So far the books are available in Los Angeles and New York City versions, and are also able to be personalized.

Huckleberry cookbook

Huckleberry cookbook

Huckleberry cookbook

From the creative mind of Zoe Nathan, pastry chef extraordinaire at Huckleberry Bakery & Cafe, comes the cookbook of the same name. This is great for the baker on your list, as it contains recipes of many of the bakery’s favorites, both sweet and savory.

Anthropologie gold monogram mugs

Anthropologies gold monogram mugs

Anthropologie gold monogram mugs

Because who doesn’t want their initial in gold?


12 2014

Island hopping with Paradise Bungalow jewelry


Pink coral, mother of pearl earrings in 16K gold-plated hoops from Paradise Bungalow

Amy Jennings’ island-inspired jewelry not only comes from the time she has spent traveling Polynesia but also from a deeply personal experience.

The high school history teacher had made jewelry all her life, but it wasn’t until her grandmother fell ill in 2007 when she really started to focus on the art. Jennings would spend time with her after work, playing the ukulele, painting and making jewelry — anything to cheer up her grandmother, who was no longer able to walk. The jewelry seemed to make her most happy.

“My late grandma was so encouraging. After I’d make something, I’d show her. Watching her smile propelled me to make more,” Jennings said. “I would have never dreamed off all these jewelry designs burgeoning from this relationship.”

Now Jennings sells her simple-yet-stylish earrings, necklaces and bracelets through her etsy store, Paradise Bungalow. Some of the materials she uses include shells she has found on the beaches of islands such as Hawaii, Samoa, New Zealand and Tahiti. Her husband, who is from Hawaii and Samoa, helps out by drilling the shells and carving mother of pearl.

Some of my favorite pieces include the pink coral, mother of pearl and 16K gold-plated hoop earrings (pictured above); sea foam blue chalcedony bezel and freshwater biwa pearl flake necklace; and the real red coral branch necklace.

pink coral

Red coral branch necklace


Blue chalcedony bezel and freshwater biwa pearl flake necklace

All photos by Amy Jennings.


04 2013

Personal picks: Erin Gallagher and Viv&Ingrid jewelry

Erin Gallagher's Judy necklace

My best friend turned me on to two of my new favorite jewelry designers, Erin Gallagher and viv&ingrid. She gave all her bridesmaids Erin Gallagher jewelry, and so did I. She also gave me a viv&ingrid necklace as a bridal gift, so both of these lines will always remind me of weddings — which isn’t a bad thing, right?

Both lines have designs that range from simple geometric shapes to the more complicated and colorful; there’s something for everyone, especially because there is also a wide range of prices. And both offer customization, though Erin Gallagher is more flexible, which is probably why it’s popular with brides.


05 2011

Cool stuff I would actually wear: Alice in Wonderland

Clothing and accessories inspired by a Disney movie? I was skeptical, even though I loved “Alice in Wonderland” as a child and love that Tim Burton made an updated movie version, because you never know what rabbit hole designers will fall in to when creating pieces based on a film. But after seeing some of the Alice in Wonderland Disney Couture items at the W Hollywood hotel’s party last week, I was pleasantly surprised — impressed, even.

When I saw this statement necklace by Tom Binns, I wanted to rip it off the mannequin and wear it right then and there. Who could resist these red candy-like hearts, safety pins and crystal chains? It’s cute and edgy at the same time. I want, want, want! Too bad it costs more than $1,000…

Tom Binns All Heart necklace

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03 2010

For him and her: Valentine’s Day gifts

Valerie Confections Pour Elle box

Valerie Confections: This L.A. chocolatier has themed boxes for Valentine’s Day, with intense flavors in both. The Pour Elle 11-piece box comes with white chocolate and rose petal hearts, and dark chocolate and passion fruit ganache hearts. The Pour Homme boxes come with semi-sweet chocolate hearts made with toffee pieces and fleur de sel, and dark chocolate hearts filled with liquid caramel. I actually prefer the Pour Homme sweets — the liquid caramels are to die for — though the passion fruit ganache is really nice, too. (Full disclosure: Valerie Confections’ owners are my neighbors, and I received these chocolates as a gift.) Check out the Web site for more options, including a Pour Homme gift set with single malt scotch truffles!

Wanda Gale Design: This Falling Heart necklace ($69) made from either gold or silver and semi-precious stones (shown below in gold and citrine) is a cute and fashionable way to say “I love you” — or “I like you a lot.” Whatever. Or buy it for yourself because you love yourself!

Wanda Gale Falling Heart necklace

Charmed Circle: For the guys, there are these Nut and Bolt cuff links ($165 for silver) that are super cool and chic. There are also cool gifts for gals on here, too, including really unique and playful charms. The envelope, bird in a cage, and chandelier charms are ingenious.

Charmed Circle Nut and Bolt cuff links

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02 2010