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Mini food lovers, unite!

Mini Bites burger. From Thrillist.

Mini Bites burger. From Thrillist.

So I have this thing about mini food. I love it. Not that I like small portions, per se. It’s just that I prefer my food to be small and bite-size, if possible. (See preference for mini burgers in previous post.) If it’s not rude (you know, depending on the dining situation), I’ll cut up all my food into bite-size pieces before eating it. Yeah, I’m OCD like that.

So when I saw that a food establishment dedicated to serving small food recently opened in L.A., I got really excited. (I hear it’s been open for a couple of weeks; my bad for being late on this one.) Mini Bites in Silver Lake, at the corner of Santa Monica Boulevard and Virgil Avenue, offers pairs of mini burgers, burritos, and grilled chicken and steak sandwiches. And they don’t skimp on the accoutrements. Mini burgers come with with grilled onions, pickle and spicy ketchup, with add-ons including cheese, bacon, jalapenos and sauteed mushrooms. Mini burritos come with either chicken, steak, veggies or scrambled eggs, and bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, and provolone (provolone?). They’ve also got fries and onion rings to go with. I’m so there. From Thrillist.

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