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Saint Martha restaurant is pleasant surprise

Saint Martha interior

Saint Martha interior

It’s rare that a restaurant truly surprises you. Sure, I’ve thought that many dishes at many restaurants were good — very good, even. But to find what is almost literally a diamond in the rough is simply a delight.

That’s what I found in Saint Martha, a new restaurant in a Koreatown strip mall serving up modern American cuisine. Following in the footsteps of Chef Ludo Lefebvre’s Trois Mec and Petit Trois, Saint Martha restaurant offers a fine-dining experience in an unassuming location. Named for the patron saint of cooks and servants, Saint Martha is the brainchild of the Farmer’s Daughter Hotel and TART restaurant team. Executive Chef and partner Nick Erven (formerly of Mess Hall) and General Manager and Sommelier Mary Thompson have put together a food and drink menu that would be impressive even if the restaurant weren’t in a strip mall.

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08 2014

Flavour Gallery whets appetites for stylish shirts

2013 LAFW tee

2013 LAFW tee. From Flavour Gallery.

If you’ve been to some of the country’s major food events, including LA Food & Wine, LA Times The Taste, Pebble Beach Food & Wine, and New York City Wine & Food Festival, then you’ve seen Flavour Gallery‘s T-shirts. The vintage wash and modern prints make these event shirts way cooler than the typical festival apparel.

Flavour Gallery has also teamed up with celebrity food personalities, including Chris Cosentino, Andrew Zimmern and Jenn Louis, to create unique food-inspired designs. Remember those stylish LudoBites T-shirts the pop-ups’ staffers wore? Those were Flavour Gallery’s, too.

Husband-and-wife team Erin and Alfredo Malatesta founded the company a couple of years ago after 10 years in the fashion industry as an expression of their love for food.

“We had spent many years designing and manufacturing for other brands and wanted to create something that was near and dear to our hearts,” Erin said. “At the time, there was no lifestyle brand focused on food — something that you would wear to express how passionate you are about cooking, being a chef, festivals or wine.”

If you order a shirt online, it’ll arrive wrapped like a piece of freshly butchered meat (this is a good thing), like so:

Flavour Gallery package

Flavour Gallery package

This style, called Classy Utensils, features some on-trend neon print on a soft burnout tee. I received a size medium, and Erin was right when warning me that this style runs small because even the medium is snug. I recommend a large if you like a looser fit.

Classy Utensils T-shirt

Classy Utensils T-shirt

While I’m generally not a big fan of tees with graphics, Flavour Gallery’s shirts are fun stuff for those of us who enjoy food and food-related things. That’s me, natch.

Note: This shirt was complimentary.


09 2013

It’s bake sale time again!

Eat My Blog, the charity bake sale that benefits the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, is back, bigger and better than December’s inaugural event. This time there will be more than 70 bakers, including the foodies behind the blogs Delicious Coma, Diana Takes a Bite, Eating L.A., Ravenous Couple, plus donations from local chefs, restaurants and mainstream media luminaries Evan Kleiman, Ludovic Lefevbre, Debbie Lee, Drago Centro, Valerie Confections, Starry Kitchen, LAist, Los Angeles Times’ Daily Dish, L.A. Weekly’s Squid Ink, and many more. Check out Gastronomy Blog for a complete list of participants.

The event is taking place this Saturday, June 19, at the West Hollywood Tender Greens from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Look out for noms such as Nutella blondies, carrot cake cookie sandwiches, browned butter brown sugar cookies, matcha mocha bundts with red bean filling, ube cupcakes and much more (complete menu here). There will also be The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf beverages to help wash it all down. The best part? Every is priced between $1 and $4 and all proceeds go to charity.


06 2010

Battle fried chicken: Ludo v. Greenspan

Allez cuisine!

That’s kind of how I pictured the special appearance of Ludovic Lefebvre at The Foundry on Melrose‘s Bluesy Tuesday Southern food night last week — a battle of Iron Chefs duking it out over gourmet fried chicken, Ludo v. The Foundry’s Eric Greenspan, who was in fact a contestant on Food Network’s The Next Iron Chef. What we diners got was more of a delicious pairing of two very different styles of fried chicken that complemented each other rather than threw down against each other. Though both Ludo and Greenspan brought it, as they say…in the parlance of our times.

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03 2010

Holy crap, that’s a long line: L.A. Street Food Fest

This past weekend will go down in L.A. food history as The Weekend That Was The Clusterf*ck Known As The L.A. Street Food Fest. Don’t get me wrong — I thought it was a great idea, and I enjoyed myself while I was there. But as is the case with so many first-time events, there were problems, though I guess things could have been worse.

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02 2010

Petrossian’s industry night


Petrossian in West Hollywood recently held a special event dubbed an industry night for those in the food business to meet and mingle, and that included food bloggers — oh, how far we’ve come, huh?

The restaurant/marketplace (very trendy these days, though to be fair, Petrossian was a market first) is planning on holding these industry nights about once every couple of months, according to Chef Benjamin Bailly. If this recent event is any indication of what these nights will be like, we’re all in for some great food and drink. It’s a great deal, too: Drinks range from $2 to $8, and the plentiful appetizer-size food is free!

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12 2009

Best meal I didn’t taste: LudoBites at Royal/T


I was so excited to finally — finally! — eat at LudoBites, which eluded me in its last incarnation at BreadBar over the summer. So when Esther of e*starLA generously opened up her reservation to a bunch of her blogger friends, I happily signed on. And I had never been to Royal/T Cafe, the location for this LudoBites pop-up, so I was expecting all kinds of new experiences.

And then I got sick.

Now, I felt fine except for a ridiculously stuffy nose. After making sure I didn’t have a swine flu-like fever, I decided to still go to dinner. After all, who knows when I would be able to eat at LudoBites again, especially since reservations for the 2.5 week run sold out before opening night? So I went, determined to make the best of it.

I arrived at Royal/T not really knowing what to expect and was pleasantly surprised by the eclectic art installations and gift store that had Hello Kitty Rubik’s Cubes on Christmas trees. The night was already off to a good start.

And then I took my first bite of food and realized I couldn’t taste anything. Damn you, stuffy nose!

So I’m at LudoBites, and I can’t taste anything. Other than running to the restroom periodically to blow my nose in the hope that I would clear enough to be able to taste again, what was I to do? I decided to make the best of it and make the experience an exercise in textures (!).

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12 2009