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Personal picks: holiday party dresses for less than $200

It’s every girl’s (and some boys’) dilemma: finding the perfect party dress for all those holiday parties that crop up every December. But you’re also on a budget — what to do? Hopefully I can help. Here are some of my favorites, from the ultra cheap chic to the less-cheap-but-won’t-necessarily-break-the-bank chic.

Fun, flirty party dresses: This H&M dress ($19.95) with a vintage-vibe print is super cute and super affordable. Looking for a little more sparkle? Try this Forever 21 black sequin dress ($24.80).


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12 2010

Fashion on the cheap: Anique Michelle

clutchI’m always on the lookout for cheap-chic fashion finds √† la H&M and Forever 21. While I love to shop, I don’t have a lot of dough, so I either do a lot of window shopping, or I have to get creative in my purchases.

So when an email popped up in my inbox about Anique Michelle, an online boutique where nothing is priced for more than $60, I was intrigued. Sounds like Forever 21 prices, right? The difference here is you’re not forced into combing through skanky-looking inventory to find something decent; the site has already done it for you. I’m partial to these $16 clutches (right) and this $55 biker-style jacket:


The boutique doesn’t sell name-brand items, just private label stuff, but that’s why it’s so cheap. But if it’s cute, who cares? That’s my motto!

Anique Michelle was kind enough to offer ShopEatSleep readers a 15 percent discount off purchases through Feb. 15. Enter code “shopeatsleep” at checkout.


01 2010

Forever 21's plus-size line not a plus?

Paisley Kimono dress. From

"Paisley Kimono" dress. From

Kate Harding, who keeps a blog focused on “shapely prose” (her words,¬† not mine), posted this rant against Forever 21’s Faith 21 plus-size line, saying it’s not really plus-size at all but rather just bigger junior sizes. Plus-size isn’t my forte, but judging from some of the styles on Forever 21’s Web site, I can see why Harding would be upset. I mean, some of those dresses are pretty short, even for nonplus-size gals.

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05 2009