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Personal picks: holiday party dresses for less than $200

It’s every girl’s (and some boys’) dilemma: finding the perfect party dress for all those holiday parties that crop up every December. But you’re also on a budget — what to do? Hopefully I can help. Here are some of my favorites, from the ultra cheap chic to the less-cheap-but-won’t-necessarily-break-the-bank chic.

Fun, flirty party dresses: This H&M dress ($19.95) with a vintage-vibe print is super cute and super affordable. Looking for a little more sparkle? Try this Forever 21 black sequin dress ($24.80).


Forever 21

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12 2010

More cool Alice in Wonderland stuff I would actually wear

When I was watching the new Tim Burton movie “Alice in Wonderland,” I couldn’t help but think about how awesome Alice’s dresses were in the film. I’m not talking so much about the most traditional Alice-type dress but the more modern ones she wears as she grows and shrinks throughout the story. Costume designer Colleen Atwood is my new hero. This one is my favorite:

From Alice Kingsley (edited by ShopEatSleep).

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03 2010

Cool stuff I would actually wear: Alice in Wonderland

Clothing and accessories inspired by a Disney movie? I was skeptical, even though I loved “Alice in Wonderland” as a child and love that Tim Burton made an updated movie version, because you never know what rabbit hole designers will fall in to when creating pieces based on a film. But after seeing some of the Alice in Wonderland Disney Couture items at the W Hollywood hotel’s party last week, I was pleasantly surprised — impressed, even.

When I saw this statement necklace by Tom Binns, I wanted to rip it off the mannequin and wear it right then and there. Who could resist these red candy-like hearts, safety pins and crystal chains? It’s cute and edgy at the same time. I want, want, want! Too bad it costs more than $1,000…

Tom Binns All Heart necklace

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03 2010