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Get your poutine fix at P’tit Soleil

Poutine Christine at P'tit Soleil

Poutine Christine at P’tit Soleil

Ah, poutine. That French Canadian mess of French fries, gravy and cheese curds that we all love to love. Previously, Angelenos had to either chase various food trucks or shell out a pretty penny for Animal’s foie gras version (which is sadly no more) to get their poutine fix, but no more. Now Westwood’s P’tit Soleil, the little sister restaurant adjacent to Soleil by Luc Alarie, offers poutine — all kinds of it — all day long.

Go for the Poutine Christine (pictured above), which comes with a cognac peppercorn sauce, or the Poutine Marat with sliced filet mignon, mushrooms and a cognac cream sauce. Both of these are great variations on traditional poutine. But perhaps the most interesting (and tasty) might be the Poutine Malik, which comes with merguez sausage and a spicy harissa cream sauce.

There are other dishes at P’tit Soleil, such as the Moules au Gratin (gratin mussels) and the Petite Tourtière (small French Canadian meat pie), that are also good options. You can get the tourtière as part of the restaurant’s Canadian Thanksgiving celebration, which takes place Oct. 7 and 8. For $28.95 per person, you’ll get four courses, including the meat pie and roasted turkey with all the trimmings.

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Note: This meal was hosted.

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09 2012

It’s All About the Crust: Urbano Pizza Bar

Selvatica Pesto Pizza at Urbano Pizza Bar

Selvatica Pesto Pizza at Urbano Pizza Bar

What goes nicely with beer and other libations? Pizza, of course!

Urbano Pizza Bar, conveniently located next to Library Bar at 6th and Hope streets, offers a great food option. With pizza crust that’s perfectly chewy and crisp at the same time, as well as good side dishes and respectable beer and wine lists, Urbano is a new go-to for downtown revelers.

Chef Brad Winnaman, best known for his baking skills with stints at La Brea Bakery and Campanile, has created a menu focused on Neapolitan-style pizza and some stand-out bread, which obviously includes the crust and extends to grilled bread topped with crushed tomato sauce and/or hearty meatballs. Winnaman has had help from Top Chef alum and The Gorbals chef Ilan Hall, who was on-hand the night we visited.

Urbano Pizza Bar

Urbano Pizza Bar

Ilan Hall

Ilan Hall

Our favorite pizzas included the seasonal Scimmietta made with pureed pumpkin spread across the crust topped with applewood-smoked bacon, scallions and goat cheese, as well as the Selvatica (shown above) made with basil pesto, slow-roasted tomatoes, pine nuts, fresh basil leaves and burrata. While the Selvatica was more traditional in flavor, the Scimmietta was a nice departure from the norm.

We were also impressed with the side dishes, especially the Mozzarella Trio and charred corn with balsamic butter. The Mozzarella Trio includes burrata with roasted tomato and basil pesto, smoked mozzarella with grilled radicchio and crushed tomato, and mozzarella with cherry tomato and basil oil. All were complementary combinations. And the charred corn took on a whole new dimension of flavor with the balsamic butter, which melted all over the corn and created a savory, creamy, smoky concoction.

Mozzarella Trio

Mozzarella Trio

Charred Corn with Balsamic Butter

Charred Corn with Balsamic Butter

Hall plans to continue helping out with the menu for a while longer, but rest assured Winnaman’s delicious bread will be a staple at Urbano. Paired with a glass of California central coast wine or a pint of locally brewed beer, such as the Craftsman 1903 Pale Lager, you’ll have a tasty meal.

Note: This was originally posted on LAist. This meal was hosted.


09 2011

Straight from the farm to my belly: FIG Santa Monica

I had been meaning to try FIG Restaurant in the Fairmont Miramar Hotel in Santa Monica since it opened early last year, so when I was invited to dinner there, I jumped at the chance. The restaurant’s seasonal, farm-to-table concept sounded good — how could a place that places its emphasis on fresh local ingredients not sound good? The good news is this philosophy isn’t just lip service: Chef Ray Garcia knows his ingredients, and his kitchen can really cook.

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06 2010

Happiness on a bun: Pal Cabron

Pal Cabron‘s cemitas poblana just may be my new favorite sandwich. I had the pork cemita, which is a hearty sandwich made with a thin, breaded piece of pork, thinly sliced head cheese, avocado, onions, Oaxacan string cheese, another cheese called queso panela, chipotle and an herb called papalo, all on an egg roll that was obviously designed to hold up to the mountain of ingredients in this sandwich. The chipotle might be a tad spicy for some, and it was for me, though I thoroughly enjoyed the fire in my mouth.

Pork cemita

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04 2010

Kabuki introduces new dishes

I was a little weary about accepting an invitation to a hosted dinner at Kabuki, the small West Coast Japanese restaurant chain, because, you know, it’s a chain. But I said to myself, “Self, don’t be so critical. Have an open mind.” Since I had been to a Kabuki only once years ago, I decided to give it a chance. And I was pleasantly surprised by some of the dishes, and not surprised by others.

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02 2010