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Melting Pot Food Tours

Farmers Market. From Rosebud_03 (flickr).

Farmers Market. From Rosebud_03 (flickr).

Ever wondered about the inner workings of some of your favorite restaurants in the Farmers Market at Third and Fairfax or along West Third Street? If you take a walking food tour with Melting Pot Food Tours, owners and guides Lisa and Diane Scalia will give you the low down. And now the ladies have expanded their walking tour business into Old Pasadena.

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07 2009

Mission: Accomplice

hollywoodsign Previously only available in NYC, Accomplice, a scavenger hunt/tour/theatrical production, is now being held in Hollywood, thanks in part to co-producer Neil Patrick Harris (NPH!). The secretive mission starts with a cell phone call revealing the first location, sending participants on foot through Tinseltown with “cast members” sprinkled throughout the hunt. What are they looking for? Dunno, but that’s part of the fun. The deets are very hush-hush. What is known is the price ($65) and the days (every Saturday and Sunday starting May 2). I’m surprised this didn’t start in Hollywood – Actors participating on a tour? Sounds like a given to me.

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04 2009