An oasis on the Sunset Strip: Eveleigh

Bubble & Squeak

When I first walked into Eveleigh (“ever-lee”), I couldn’t believe this rustic-looking restaurant sat on the Sunset Strip. It was way too laid-back. The reclaimed and repurposed wood, the communal tables, the live lemon trees and the open-air dining room made me feel more as if I were in Napa than smack in the middle of the trendiest part of West Hollywood. That’s a good thing, by the way.

Open-air dining room

Bar area at Eveleigh

Perhaps the best part is that the food and drink are really good. It’s a great option for a lazy weekend brunch — I know, because I’ve had a couple of those here myself recently. Everything I’ve tried has been good, and some of it has been great. Executive Chef Jordan Toft, along with owners Nick Hatsatouris, Nick Mathers and Lincoln Pilcher, designed a menu reminiscent of their Aussie heritage but accessible to us good ol’ Americans.

The bubble and squeak (pictured above), which is traditionally made from leftovers, was punched up here with the use of some gorgeous kale (which I’m currently obsessed with), corned beef and potatoes topped with a scotch egg. This has great flavor and is a heavy dish, so I wouldn’t order this unless I was really hungry.

My favorite dish was the baked eggs with chard, shimeji mushrooms, goat curd and mizuna greens. The sourness of the curd was key to this dish. And since I have a thing for mini foods, the small eggs and mushrooms were pleasing to me visually. I’m such a sucker for mini foods!

Baked Eggs

The Seeded Granola topped with a scoop of frozen yogurt (literally plain yogurt that was frozen, not froyo) and blood orange segments was also very good. It was served with almond milk on the side, which I poured over the granola. The best part of this dish was the inclusion of black sesame in the granola, which reminded me of Chinese candies I grew up eating. My only complaint is the price of this dish: $10 for granola, yogurt and milk is a little steep.

Seeded Granola

Now, the cocktails. I tried a slew of drinks, almost all of them made with mezcal. David Kupchinsky, formerly of Comme ├ça and The Tar Pit, designed the sophisticated cocktail program. I was impressed with Kupchinsky’s skills because I really liked his versions of the bloody mary and the gin and tonic, neither of which I’m normally a big fan of. The Bloody Sanchez at Eveleigh is made with mezcal instead of the traditional vodka, a decision I thought made a lot of sense, as the smokiness complemented the tomato and spices nicely. The tonic in the gin and tonic is house-made and is more tea-like than the clear versions you normally see, which gives it a unique herbal quality.

Gin and Tonic

The mezcal Old Fashioned was delicious, too. I couldn’t stop drinking it! And the Pimm’s Cup made with Pimm’s liqueur, cucumber, mint, lemon, blood orange and soda was also great. Just as I’m a sucker for mini foods, I’m also a sucker for blood orange.

Mezcal Old Fashioned

Pimm's Cup

The nonalcoholic drinks were tasty, too. The Cacao-Nut Date smoothie made with young coconut meat, coconut water, sweet cacao nibs, dates, cinnamon, vanilla stevia and vanilla hemp milk was a little too tasty — it was basically dessert in a glass and so substantial that it could have been a meal in itself. On the other hand, the Good Morning Sunshine juice, with kale, apple, orange, lime, ginger, mint, strawberry and fennel, was freshing and naturally sweet.

I liked this experience so much that when a friend asked about bloody marys, I suggested we go here, so I went back for a second weekend in a row and had the roasted portabello mushroom topped with burrata, vincotto, thyme and sourdough toast on the side. Though it didn’t look like much food, it kept me full for most of the day so this was a great value at $11.

So if you’re looking for respite after shopping amid the hustle and bustle of Sunset Boulevard, Eveleigh is a great option. Be on the lookout for patio seating in the near future, too.

Further reading: The Eveleigh: Liquid Brunch & Hangover Cures by Caroline on Crack

Note: The first meal discussed was hosted.

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    Everything in this post looks so GOOD! I can’t wait to try this place.

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    Wow! Eveleigh looks like an oasis within the Sunset Strip. Beautiful interiors and the drinks look delicious!