Personal pick: Velvetine Clyde bag

Velvetine Clyde Bag. From Shopbop.

Ah, if only I had an extra $725 lying around, I would be the proud owner of this gorgeous Clyde bag by Velvetine. The fold-over front flap and the cute chain detail really got me, as did the optional long strap (I like options). The pebble leather is also a nice touch, as it gives the bag a little something extra, which I think is important when the dominant color is a neutral.

My only concern with a fold-over bag is ease of entry. The fact that you have to unfold the flap and then unzip the bag to get into it — something that requires two hands — makes me think you wouldn’t want to use this if you were planning on doing any multitasking. But it’s so pretty!

What do you think? Do you choose form over function, or is usability paramount?

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