More cool Alice in Wonderland stuff I would actually wear

When I was watching the new Tim Burton movie “Alice in Wonderland,” I couldn’t help but think about how awesome Alice’s dresses were in the film. I’m not talking so much about the most traditional Alice-type dress but the more modern ones she wears as she grows and shrinks throughout the story. Costume designer Colleen Atwood is my new hero. This one is my favorite:

From Alice Kingsley (edited by ShopEatSleep).

This one, which is so different from anything you’d ever think Alice would wear, is a close runner up for me:

From Alice Kingsley.

This one is also very cool, though I can’t figure out how it actually stays up. Double-sided tape, maybe?

From Collider.

Here’s a video interview with Atwood featuring some of the costumes in the film, including the traditional Alice dress and the awesome red dress.

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    I haven’t seen Alice yet (I KNOW, BLASPHEMY!) but I already love all the costumes. Alice’s dresses are so awesome quirky and I love subtle things, like your previous post on Carey Mulligan’s little utensils, how CUTE is that and you wouldn’t notice unless you looked! I LOVE that!

  2. StephanieR #

    I LOVE the strapless, blue dress. I was wondering besides trying to recreate and make my own is there any website that there is a similar dress for sale?