Party at Spacecraft

I love Spacecraft's light fixture!

I love Spacecraft's light fixture!

Last week the folks over at Spacecraft, the architectural design firm based in Hollywood responsible for many of Tinseltown’s hippest bars and restaurants, threw a party at their offices because…well, just because. When you have a fully stocked bar in your office, why not throw a party?


The party was catered by Capital City, the new Hollywood sports bar curiously not designed by Spacecraft. There’s just a good bromance of sorts going on in Hollywood, I guess. Anyway, the food was decent and included sushi (yes, sushi from a sports bar), some with fruit on top that somehow worked, and mini roast beef sandwiches.



There were drinks, games of pool and foosball, and good old fashioned revelry. But what was most interesting was owner Kristopher Keith’s prediction that Spacecraft’s latest creation, Stout, could open as early as Oct. 1. Of course, when I heard that, I was immediately skeptical, and my suspicion was validated when I inquired again and was told Oct. 1 is vastly optimistic. Restaurants and bars never open on time! I also tried to get some information about Spacecraft’s space on West Third Street, but I didn’t have any luck there. I’m really interested in what will go into the old Food Court LA space since it’s in my neighborhood. Hopefully we’ll find out soon!

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