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Blogger Shop Day at Space 15 Twenty

I haven’t been out for a day of wandering and shopping (well, window shopping!) in ages, so when I saw there were some interesting events happening over the weekend, I recruited Esther of e*starLA to check them out with me.

We started out in Hollywood at Space 15 Twenty for the mall’s Blogger Shop Day, which featured a bunch of fashion bloggers and their personal collections, as well as vintage resellers, in the back parking lot. We got there toward the end of the event because we stopped off at Snackbar for a late lunch and popped into vintage store What Comes Around Goes Around before heading to the parking lot, (both Snackbar and What Comes Around Goes Around were also participating in the event) so we missed what looked like a live band. Anyway, most of what we saw were vintage items, though I did notice some specialty booths selling new tote bags and T-shirts. There was also a vegan cupcake booth from Bunny Muffin Bakery, which we I didn’t try because I have not had good experiences with vegan desserts and wasn’t about to try again. But if you’ve had anything from Bunny Muffin, then let me know what you thought in the comments.



[Note: So I mentioned we ate at Snackbar. Esther and I ordered a buffalo burger with gala apples, roasted corn and red grape aioli served with sweet potato fries to split. We asked for the burger cooked medium; it came out well done. The fries were overcooked, too. All in all disappointing.]

Overcooked buffalo burger from Snackbar

Overcooked buffalo burger from Snackbar

I have to admit that we didn’t stay long at this event because it was out in the sun, and it was just too darn hot. (Next time I’ll go earlier in the day. This was the second Blogger Shop Day, so hopefully there are plans for a third. Check the Space 15 Twenty Web site for updates.) So we left to make our way over to West Third Street’s Summer Sidewalk Sale.

Trina Turk sidewalk offerings

Trina Turk sidewalk offerings

A bunch of shops, including Em & Co., Inago, Ethel, and Polkadots & Moonbeams, participated in this year’s sale. The best sale out of the ones we saw was definitely the one at Trina Turk. With two full racks and a bin of handbags for $40 to $60, these items were a steal! Of course, the clothing sizes were super small because they were samples, so I couldn’t fit into any of them. Sadness. There were regular production items for sale in the back of the store as well, but these were still out of my price range. Here are a couple of my faves:

This cute little number (that's the back) is $115 on sale!

This cute little number (that's the back) is $115 on sale!

Not on sale, $238

Not on sale, $238

There were still a lot of items left at the end of the day on Sunday, so even though the sidewalk sale is over, I wouldn’t be surprised if you could still find these deals in the store. It’s worth a call.

We also stopped in at Kiss My Bundt Bakery. I have to say the blueberry lemonade and the lemon drop bundt were both awesome — nice refreshing sweets on a hot summer day!

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